The following exercises have been created for my 3rd ESO students as a revision of units 5 and 6 (course book: Oxford Exchange 3). They focus on learning vocabulary related to extreme sports, although there are also some exercises for practising the present perfect tense and the irregular verbs. As a listening activity I have included a  exercise from a Bon Jovi song, which students always enjoy. I hope you find some of the exercises useful for your students. 

Vocabulary exercises


Listening exercises

Extreme sports 1 (matching) Present perfect (order sentences) A Bon Jovi song (cloze)
Extreme sports 2 (matching) Irregular verbs 1 (crossword)
Extreme sports 3 (matching) Irregular verbs 2 (crossword)
What's the sport? (hybrid quiz) Irregular verbs 3 (audio quiz)
Extreme sports crossword Irregular verbs 4 (audio crossword)
Sports equipment 1 (matching)
Sports equipment 2 (matching)
You need...(sports equipment cloze)


Created by Amparo Ibor, March 2004