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Hatred is a fundamental human emotion that has deep roots in society and culture. Psychologists believe that group identity and cohesion depend to a large extent on having a common enemy. It seems that the existence of "bad guys" is an important element in defining who we are within a larger realm. It could be said that human beings love to hate.
The first signs appear early in life when a child, faced with blame for some mistake, immediately accuses another child or an inanimate object such as a teddy bear. Later, on the schoolyard playground, children in rival groups vie for attention and influence. These basic responses translate into more powerful emotions later in life.
One area where deep-rooted hatred is exhibited is in the ethnic clashes that constantly occur around the globe. These conflicts are not only over territory but also involve emotional issues of group identity and unity of purpose. For many, there is no "us" without a "them" to hate. In a world where conflict between superpowers is on the decline, it may be that humanity will have difficulty adapting to a state of mutual respect and cooperation.